The Mad for Each Other Show!!! Premiered on 21st November 2021!!!

It’s a show for couples with couples & by a couple Riddhi (Gujju) & Vijay (Viju). A unique show for real couples to let down their hair and have some fun while sharing some interesting stories from their everyday life.

Stories about their ups/ downs... What has failed and more importantly, what has worked in their relationship eco-system. Couples can walk down their memory lane and answer some fun questions & thoughtful prompts to reveal their journey of Life, Experience, Feelings & dreams to grow with each other.


This is a million-dollar question… We believe that when you’re truly in love with someone… You open not only your eyes but also your heart to SEE the person beyond the limiting boundaries of the physical form and cherish and accept the person for who they truly are.


When you are about to walk down the aisle, with dreams of a beautiful life ahead with your partner with mixed feeling of happiness, joy, excitement and fear on how this chapter of your life is going to play out for you both.. You stand on the altar across your partner and look into their eyes to take your vows after which you are pronounced Man & Wife.

You desire that every day should be as happy as your special day. The irony is that there is lots of advice on How to plan your wedding? How to write your vows that you exchange? Unfortunately, thereafter, no actual advice is available to tell you how to unfold the pages of your book of marriage once all the excitement and fun settles down.

If you asked a married couple about the vows that they had taken at the altar, very few are even living by them in day to day lives. In Indian marriages, 7 Circumambulations (Saat phere) are taken around the holy fire (agni). How many of us even remember what each phera (circumambulation) stands for??

So, we decided to talk to everyday couples through the medium of The Mad for Each Other Show and hear through their stories as to how they address conflicts and how do they resolve them? How do they find balance in managing the family? What is their secret ingredients for a happy marriage and successful marriage?


Have you ever thought what is it that makes your relationship click? Is there some titbits from your relationships that you would like to share, as to what has worked for you and what has not in your day-to-day living.

We are more than happy to feature you on our show- The Mad for Each Other Show! Do share some juicy bites of your relationship eco-system, as this is a show purely for couples with couples and hosted by a couple.

REGISTER BY CLICKING ON THE BELOW LINK – Fill the above Google form to be featured on our show. Once you have registered, Team VijuGujju will contact you for the next steps.

About the hosts Meet VijuGujju - Vijay & Riddhi.

They are one madly in love couple, married for over 15 years and have embarked on a journey of self-discovery. They love to share their experiences in the form of both fun-filled and experiential learning. They believe a happy couple is a healthy couple in mind, body, and spirit... It requires continuous learning and appreciation of each other's values, beliefs, and faiths...

They have co-authored the book Mad (e) for Each Other, which is the first self-help book for couples written as a memoir by a couple. It’s an Amazon best seller on the day of release. It has 32 Life-Lessons and experiential activities for couples to help them better understand themselves and each other.

Professionally they are both part of the IT Industry for over 18+ years and are successful in both their individual careers. They are proud parents to 2 smart and intelligent girls and believe that their children learn from what they see and not what they hear.

  • Their Vision: To create a world of Power Couples who inspire each other to lead healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives....
  • Their Mission: To empower 1 million couples to lead a holistic and purposeful life through our age-old proven techniques from the Vedas and become Power Couples who shall not only uplift each other but also the generations to come.

Meet them on the show and Join the Dots together...

We both strongly believe that if you are Mad For Each Other, you will become Made For Each Other RIDDHI & VIJAY