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  • Aitijhyawearstiara

    25 February 2021

    Recommended for couples!

    The first thing I'd like to mention is that I'm in love with the concept of the book. A self help book for couples, that too written in form of personal experience, appeared something very new to me. Thus I was instantly drawn to the book and couldn't resist reading it. The book upholds the concept of Power Couples and shares different secrets and mantras which can act as a key to a life filled with happiness. Often in relationships, the intimacy and madness fade with time and this book is a perfect guide for rejuvenating all those magic moments. This book is written as a personal account of a Power Couple, Gujju and Viju (I found these short rhyming names really cute and hence I'm using the same), so its not just about all heavy lessons, but life lessons through personal touch. There are also some fun exercises for couples at the end of the book which will help to strengthen the bond between them.

    Overall it's really a good book! Recommended for couples!

  • Pranavi Papasani

    9 March 2021

    Be mad and aligned about yourself (core) to become mad(e) for other Reviewed in India

    A simple easily understandable free flow read - An authentic vulnerable genuine honest stories of two Individuals who became one after a lot of twists and turns...no less than a movie..this can be a movie script too Be mad and aligned to your core to become mad(e) for others - Love the lessons, activities and genie test Recommend for everyone , not just for couples ...as knowing and aligning to your core is the first step of any transformational journey....

    All the best Vijju Gujju...wish you achieve your vision of creating a world of power couples spreading happiness and freedom, achievements and accolades....

  • Vishnu Kumar

    23 February 2021

    Lovely Couple !

    I have personally known Vijay & Riddhi for more than 20 yrs. Now. They both are definitely mad/e for for each other and the kind of bonding Love and affection they have for each other is unimaginable. This couple have mad a great impact on my life both personally and professionally. I can definitely say that this book will give a new dimension and perspective of how you look at your better half and if you can follow even 10% Of what Vijay and Riddhi does you will have a life changing experience.

    All the Best Vijay & Riddhi.
    Loads of Love you both

  • Pallavi Bangad

    25 February 2021


    I like the most beautiful thing about this book is , it has love story but also , one unique thing is it has beautiful life laws and with the experience , i will help you in your life and for better relationship , how to understand your partner and many many things you will learn from book, If you are thinking to buy it, buy it fast

  • Enrida Lakiang Lyngdoh

    28 February 2021

    Great read

    Nowadays, some people consider love as something to be trivial and not worth keeping it as a priority in their lives. They take it for granted and misuse the purity of the meaning of love. I have seen and read about couples who do not get along and within a few short years of marriage, they are already divorcing each other. This book teaches us the meaning of true live and provide vast and deep concepts that can be implemented in a couple's life.

    This book is actually written by a couple so you can rely that everything that is being mentioned here is not book is probably written through experience and with much research and effort. The couple who had written this book has really broaden our horizons when it comes to love. The writing is very detailed and can be trusted wholeheartedly. I had a great time reading this book and have learned a lot of new things through it and I am making sure that I am implementing them in my life.

    Please read this book. it is very insightful and such a beautiful read.

  • Azraa Khuzema

    24 February 2021

    Useful lessons for couples - Made for each other

    Do you often read those romance novels that have couples that are so perfect you can't help but wish to have such relationship with your partner?

    Well this book is what will help you get there. It honestly came as a surprise to me. It began it's introduction as a self help book for couples, showing there are plenty mantras and key facts that will help couples have a better relationship. I was expecting some lessons along with examples but I was happy to find Gujju's personal story and it being narrated in a manner which helped us understand her and the relationships she had throughout her life, not just with her spouse.

    I liked how it teaches you through examples, how there were activities for couples to try and change things in their lives and I liked how practical this book was. The writing was good and I did wish at places it could have been more poetic and enchanting but it was educating nonetheless.

  • Sangeeta Sharma

    26 February 2021

    A brilliant memoir!

    It is a beautifully inscribed journey of two people named Vijay and Riddhi. In this lovelorn world, where people despise their spouses, where we randomly hear about domestic violence, this book will make you believe in true love once again. Love is not commendable but standing for each other is true love. I was reminded of the love between Barack Obama and Michelle Obama after reading this book that mentions power couples. Vijay, a Tamilian, and Riddhi, a Gujarati are made for each other and they prove their love to be the strongest. Their journey tells that love is patient and is kind. It keeps no records of wrong. It is powerful and not self-seeking. Their love rejoiced at every situation that they overcame in unprecedented problems. I am not into the romance genre whether in fiction or in non-fiction, but this book was captivating and unputdownable. I love how both the authors are shared their love in writing this book.

  • Nitin Sreedharan

    23 February 2021

    Lesson to be learned

    The MAD(e) for one another or MAD for one another.. Characterizes what actually a couple should be all around. This book is partitioned into sections disclosing to us the story from the purpose of both the writers. The pictures and all the Statements and expressions of all the extraordinary personals added a little gig while perusing. Special mentions to the life lessons. (i adored reading these) The part I cherished the most was the authors recounting their stories before they knew each other. I laughed, Blushed, and appreciated the main few sections before the closure. In complete this book is all about love, love, love, and heaps of love. Likewise, how better we could be to our loved one, Regardless of whatever it is. This book resembled listening in to our sibling's love story during a winter evening

  • Rina som

    27 February 2021

    Nice read

    This book is a self-help book focussing on a beautiful couple, Vijay (Viju) & Riddhi (Gujju). They have shared their experiential understanding in the form of thirty two lessons. These lessons are focused on improving the relationship and understanding between the two individuals as a pair. A happy couple has the vision of becoming a powerful couple. Only a happy couple can inspire each other to lead healthier, happier and more prosperous life, together. The narration is kept simple and easy making it a comfortable read for all. The language used is lucid. The words used are simple and easy. I finished it in one sitting only.


    28 February 2021

    Ultimate book that teaches What is True Love

    In this age of youth, there is a great need for such a book which can explain love in the true sense and this book carries the responsibility very well. The authors have tried to explain love, affection, trust and dedication towards your partner through small stories of theirs which are helpful in strengthening any relationship. A lot can be learned through the stories in the book, but most importantly what I felt is never hide your emotions in love, you should express it and at the same time listen to the feeling of your partner & appreciate it too. These are the things that nourish any relationship. "Experimental activity" part of the book I liked the most. So if you are in love and you want to make your love successful then you must read the book because when you recognize WHAT IS LOVE then only you will get it, only then it will be complete.


  • Bipasha

    22 February 2021

    Good book for couples

    Mad(e) for Each Other is a good book for the couples and is written by Riddhi and Vijay. In this book this couple talks about how they were before they met each other, then what made them start this movement. Here they discuss about various reasons why there are problems between a couple and how you can overcome them. Lastly there are also some bonus chapters, consisting of fun activities which one can do with their partner to maker their relationship stronger.

    A good book for couples!

  • Preetamona De

    27 February 2021

    A 'Value'able Memoir

    Book Review:

    This memoir by VijjuGujju has a plethora of life lessons, inspirational personal stories and of course, notes on becoming a 'power couple'. I was thoroughly impressed by and invested in Gujju's and Viju's personal lives, their struggles, their achievements and their personal growths, prior them becoming 'VijjuGujju'. Their meeting with each other, the road to their friendship and eventually courtship and then marriage seemed straight out of a Hollywood Saga yet was very much true and real.

    The anecdotes from their lives provide some pretty valuable lessons, besides their actual advices and suggestions for a healthy and sustainable relationship. Read the book to find out!

    It is a very engaging read and not even once did I feel bored or felt like stopping. We can understand and get our own beliefs and values reaffirmed through their story and their experiences. It can, also, probably help us analyse our own relationships or prepare us for one.

    Happy reading!

  • Beingbookconnoisseur

    Gorgeous and Uplifting Tale !

    The book is truly heartwarming and a must read for every couple as it inspires and teaches them to lead their life in the most gorgeous way while uplifting each other in every step. It's a memoir ,and many lessons and values can be drawn from the story. It's unprecedented and one of the best books I have read about this subject till now. You should too, give it a read !

  • paperback_romance(RIYA)

    22 February 2021

    A must read for couples

    This book is written by two couples vijay and Riddhi who understand how being couple can be difficult but a better understanding of each other can help couples become each others strength. In this book they have shared 32 life lessons which can be used by couples along with lot's fun exercises to make couples bond strong.

  • Priya Saladi

    5 March 2021

    A crazy ride

    This book is different from all the others because of the concept and the way it has been crafted and made into this beautiful book! This book will let us know the importance for being with and for eachother and who to deal things after marriage and how to feel the same vibe with your partner after many years of being together! This book will let us know about the powe couple and the fact that this book has been honestly talked about facts and gave practical knowledge is what I have liked. This book is a bit long than I expected it to be except that I enjoyed reading every page of it.

  • Samarpan Chakravarty

    5 March 2021

    Amazing read

    What would you mostly expect from this book on reading the title? A simple romantic novel?

    No, this book is absolutely different. It has various tips about how we can maintain a healthy relationship with our loved ones, but again, these are not directly written. We are told about the story of Gujju, and how she became into a person who fell in love. This tale is of her love story, and trust me, it's one of the perfect love stories I've ever read. It's so nice that you'll always feel that this is the best couple ever. Through her story, the author has given us various insights on how we can enhance our own love lives. During these troubled times, books like these make you feel happy from within. The language used is ecstatic and very lucid. I'll recommend this book to all!

  • Yogesh Yeeshu

    22 February 2021

    Perfect guide to be a power couple

    In today world where everyone is busy in earning money to have a life where we can fulfill all our needs and wants we see in many home both the couple has to go for work and they rarely find time for each other by which their love life if effected and it gets buried beneath this kind of lifestyle. This book is a perfect guide of every couple there who are not able to give each other enough time and by bringing this thirty two experiential life lessons crafted by two authors they can live their happy married life again.

    Book is written in easy and lucid language. Writing is style is really beautiful and attractive and keeps the reader engage in book and it fill the couples with new joy to try out the exercises mentioned in it and by doing that they can join the moment what people call today is "Couple Goals".

    Highly recommended this to every married couple to must try this book.

    Happy Reading!!!

  • Really a great session today which is going to change my married life and family life forever! 11 years of marriage and we were not knowing how to live together and grow together!

    The best part is that me and my wife both attended the full session together and we were stunned with the way the couple shared the understanding, the chemistry between both of them and the natural way they opened their hearts feelings and 16 years of married life and facing all the ups and downs and the willingness to move ahead and keeping the relationship at first priority and the trust they build mutually!

    Really great lessons taught from the core of the heart with complete honesty! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Amol Sir and team for organising today's session!!!!

    Loved it and will be following in coming days, months and years ....

    The journey is going on...

  • Second part we met the beautiful couple Ridhdhi and Vijay...

    Heard them on the betterment of relationship ...6 core points like 'Understanding conflict, b Being open minded, Having mutual respect, Building trust between, Expressing love and compassion, and Accepting each other with all odds, evens, agreements, disagreements..

    Overall learNing was great...valued..
    Thanks to them.
    Thanks to Amol and team.
    A lots of Gratitude.

  • Thanks for Vijjugujju's doable sharing. After 45 years of married life, tips given by them is worth implementing. God bless both of them.

  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Indeed once again an Amazing Morning after interacting with beautiful couple. Both were Harmonious towards each other. From them certain traits i try to grab like Loyalty towards each other, Coordination and flexibility. Most importantly Adaptability as they have mentioned how they have sustained and maintained their lifestyle in Pricey Privince. All in all it is possible because of Prudent thinking and optimistic approach.

    Thanks to my Mentor Amol sir and team for this valuable Interaction.

  • My aha moment was both partners writing wish list and coming to know what is in the mind of opposite partner's mind and can take relationship to the Next level.Very practical.

    Thank you so much Vijju Gujju and Dear Amol Sir for this lovely session.

  • Today was an eye opener for me. Learnt a lot on relation ship and how we should Live our Life...

    Mindblown by the 6 Groud rules..

    I express my Gratitude to VijuGujju for throwing their knowledge for all of us and to our beloved Mentor Amol Sir, for organizing this event....

    Great life lessons to be learnt.

    With Infinite Love and Gratitude.